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Our Criteria

AARD APPAREL produces fair wear sustainable fashion in different classic styles. We believe that every piece of clothing should be produced in the most environment-friendly way. Re- and upcycling are an important part of our philosophy as well as fair pay for everyone, who is involved in the process.


Today's fashion industry has become a large burden for emerging countries as India or Bangladesh where the fabrics are usually made. Toxic chemicals threat the most scarce resource of these countries: water. For 1 kg cotton almost 20.000 liters of water are needed end-to-end. This water is urgently needed for the people in these countries. In India even 85% of the total water usage is accounted by the fabrication process of textiles. We take this threat very seriously and care a lot about the way our shirts are produced.

But water consumption is only of many problems the fashion industry causes. Synthetics used for the fabrication process have lasting impact on nature. Polyester and nylon set free more than 2000 different microfibres posing a remarkable threat to the life in our oceans. Due to that reason we are not using newly produced synthetics. Most our products are made of 100% organic cotton. For sweatshirts and hoodies for which some elasticity is needed, we use up to 15% recycled polyester originating from waste such as empty plastic bottles. Also 10% of the world's overall CO2 emissions are accounted by the fashion industry.

We at AARD APPAREL use organic textiles in a sustainable way to treat our planet right. The whole process is optimized to minimize water consumption and CO2 emissions.

Fair Work for Fair Products

In many "sweatshops" called factories in Asia where a majority of today's textiles are being produced, workers have to do their jobs for a very low wage. Long working hours with more than 12 hours, health hazards due to chemicals and forced labor are sadly a part of todays fashion industry. AARD is different here. During the production of our textiles fair wear standards are applied and enforced. Everyone receives a fair pay for their work and the working conditions of the workers are controlled regularly.

Towards Slow Fashion

Sustainability does not only mean that products were fabricated in a fair and ecological way, but more that also the usage is sustainable. We promote this by the use of high quality materials made to last. Everybody can return their AARD products at any time and we will take care of re- and upcycling, for instance within our Trade-up-Recycle program. As a thank you, everyone receives a voucher for every returned product for their next purchase. Making lifecycles longer, being more conscious: from fast fashion to slow fashion