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Within our Trade-up-Recycling program you can at any point in time, no matter how long, return every product you ever purchased from AARD APPAREL. We are taking care of recycling, while you receive a voucher for your next purchase. Sounds sweet?

Todays fast fashion industry is not only responsible for tremendous damage on our environment during production of fabrics but moreover created a throw-away-society producing large amounts of trash after the very short lifecycle of each product. To mitigate these problems we all need to change something. Take care of your clothing and of your planet. Our high quality organic and fair wear clothing is made to last. If your AARD products are really not usable anymore, you can return them at time. We take care of recycling and you will receive a 5 € voucher for your next order at the AARD online shop.

The clothing we receive within our Trade-up-Recycle program is getting analyzed and categorized. Products in good shape will be reused in our second hand program. If it is not reusable anymore, we take care of correct recycling.

In our fast changing world, we think it is important to be as sustainable as possible. For our planet and all beings living on it. Help us, by participating in the Trade-up-Recycle program and tell all your friends. Subscribe to our newsletter and check out our products for women and men.